Some Thoughts For The Week

April 27, 2016

Essential 100 Challenge

Ephesians 4:11-16

"...until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. "

Hello New Life Fellowship,

I had wanted to e-mail earlier in the week, but Jacque and I were in PA taking care of some family business.  Thank you for your prayers for us in this regard!  They were felt and I feel that they were answered. 

In my sermon last Sunday I spoke about the importance of understanding and adopting core beliefs of the Christian faith in order that we might become mature;  that we might not be tossed here and there by anything and everything we hear.  Part of this thing we call faith is about having correct knowledge! 

Having right knowledge is like your ship being tied to an anchor.  It gives you confidence in who you are, and keeps you from slowly drifting away and becoming lost at sea.   I spoke about my own painful experience of having someone I care about very deeply become lost in a cult group.  It could happen to anyone.  If it happened to her, let me tell you again, it could happen to anyone.  And it is often much more subtle than something that might be more obvious as in the case of a cult.  Subtle.  VERY subtle.  No one wants to be fooled, or tricked by a fake .  On some level, we all desire the REAL. . .yet people are fooled, tricked, and robbed every day.

The danger is that when we do not know, and have not processed what the Bible teaches for ourselves, we are more apt to open ourselves up to subtly destructive teachings which can slowly draw us away from Jesus altogether.  It starts out as "Jesus, AND" and subtly, slowly over time, the "Jesus" gets taken away and you are simply following the "AND".  That is a tragic thing indeed.  Many people fall away on account of this.

Whether you've been walking with Christ for a long or for a short time, you CAN grow in maturity quickly if you seek to understand and apply the core elements/teachings of the faith to your life.  It is a hugely positive thing to grow in this regard!  You become more and more a force that God can use to transform His world.  

As promised, here are some resources in order that we might all come to a deeper maturity.  Please see this link for a condensed explanation of what we believe at our core at New Life Fellowship:

It is a SHORT statement of faith, and below it you can see all of the Scriptures which are foot noted and explain why the statement says what it does.  There are 34 Scriptures cited in this statement of faith, so if you sat down once or twice, you could really grow a lot in your maturity in terms of understanding!

 Another resource I am dabbling with is here.

This is an AWEOME little guide to the Bible's teachings!  It contains 100 essential passages of Scripture which altogether give you a ZOOMED OUT view of what the Bible teaches.  If you would like to be a part of reading through these 100 passages with me, please hit reply and e-mail me back.  I will then order these, and we will figure out how we are going to touch base together as we read these passages at the same time.

I love you all very much, and am very thankful to be your Pastor, and to walk with you as we all together grow into maturity; into the Head of our Church Jesus Christ.  See you Sunday.

-Pastor Nathan