NLF Testimonials - The Parks

September 20, 2017

NLF Testimonials - The Parks


NLF Testimonials - The Parks

"Our second daughter, Mia, was born on 7/17/2007.  We learned shortly before her birth that she had underdeveloped lungs, however even with extensive tests before she was born the doctors did not know the full extent of how this would impact her. Once she was born her health rapidly deteriorated, she was placed on the most aggressive ventilator machine. Hours after her birth we were told by the doctors that they had no diagnosis, no explanation for her medical state, but that everything was being done medically to help her. They told us that she was in very critical condition and would likely not survive. 

Up to this point I believed in God but I had not fully given my life to Jesus.

That day, my husband, Tim and I prayed. Of course we prayed for healing but the biggest shift in our prayers was for God to help us accept his will. For God to use this situation for His glory and to help us accept the outcome whether Mia was healed and remained in the world or whether God brought her to heaven with him. 

That night Tim and I were trying to sleep and both experienced separate encounters of the Holy Spirit in the form of a whisper. For me it was the feeling of hearing "surrender all things" and to Tim it was the comfort of Gods touch on his shoulder. We also believe we had an angel encounter in the hospital. The next day Pastor Bo came to the hospital and prayed over Mia, he also told us the whole church prayed together for Mia. 

Over the next several days, we were amazed (as the doctors were equally amazed) that Mia's health started to improve and miraculously 10 days later she was actually healthy enough to come home!!

In the weeks that followed, we were overwhelmed with gratitude that God healed Mia's earthly body and that we were given the privilege to see her grow. We were so humbled each day to have the knowledge that all of these experiences we would've never known if it hadn't been for Gods love and mercy in those days. 

As grateful as we were we began to see that God had a bigger plan through Mia's life. We saw that the circumstances surrounding her life may have been less about her life and more about our ability to surrender and trust that God was in control. Those days, weeks and months made us decide to become baptized at New Life. We shared our story and realized that in those days God saved three lives, not just one. 

Despite life's up and downs we still pause from time to time and remember those days with grateful hearts. We just celebrated Mia's 10th birthday, praise God! We cling to his love in those days and remain humble and grateful for his love for us everyday." - Heather & Tim    

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