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"The Bosnian Hand Craft Project"

New Life Fellowship is the distribution center for the Bosnian Handcraft Project.  This project supports women in Bosnia who otherwise may not be able to earn a living.  Women of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds are part of this non-profit church supported ministry.

From 1992 – 1996 Bosnia Herzegovina was caught up in a civil war that left the country devastated.  A quarter of the population was either killed or fled the country as refugees.  Those who survived are deeply scarred both physically and emotionally.

Current Situation:
Over 20 years later Bosnians are still struggling to put their country back together.  The transition from socialism to capitalism has  been much more difficult than they anticipated.  Corruption at every level of  society has made things even worse.  Unemployment seems stuck at 40%.  Many families are living on a subsistence level only,  barely able to get food on the table and shoes for their children. 
A handcraft group in Mostar inspired the development of the BHP which is administered by Christian & Missionary Alliance workers in Bosnia-Herzegovina.  It has been self-funding since its beginning in 2000.  Handmade lace, slippers and other items are sold at women’s conferences, home parties and craft fairs.  All proceeds go directly to the project and the women who make these beautiful items.  The BHP is non-profit, and practices Fair Trade principles. Your purchase from our artisans goes a long way toward helping Bosnians create a better life for themselves and their families. 
How can you help the women of Bosnia?

Pray that the women of Bosnia will know the love of God.  Pray for healthy sales that will support needy families in Bosnia.

Purchase these beautiful crafts for yourself or for a special gift.  Sell the handcrafts at conferences, ladies' events, home parties, area churches, or local stores.  We will bring the crafts to your event!


We need thread, yarn, needles, and jewelry supplies for the ladies.  We also need funds to buy supplies.  Any donation is greatly appreciated.


Contact: Mary Jo Kowalewski


Items available for purchase:

· Scarves  ·Table Linens  · Doilies  · Stockings  · Jewelry  · Purses  · Children’s Clothes
· Blouses  · Sweaters  · Dresses  · Soap  · Slippers  · Hats  · Christmas  Ornaments