2017 Sermons

List of Sermons from 2017

"Hospitality, Miracles & Mission" - Acts 28 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 44

on December 3, 2017

In this final sermon in our Acts series, Pastor Nathan shares about the connection between hospitality and miracles. He also shares about the mission of the Church and how our denomination the Christian & Missionary Alliance is reaching people around the world.

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"Burn The Boats!" - Acts 27 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 43

on November 26, 2017

In this sermon, Pastor Nathan asks the question, "What do we REALLY place our faith in?" It's time to cut loose the boats!

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John 6:5-15 - "What is in Your Other Hand?"

on November 19, 2017

In this sermon, Elder Jason Harmon teaches on how Jesus takes our "nothing" and makes it "something" - and MUCH more than we thought was possible, or could even hope for!

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Romans 13-15 - "Love Does No Harm To A Neighbor"

on November 12, 2017

In this sermon, Teaching Pastor Aaron Koonsman shares about what it truly means to sacrificially love our neighbors.

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Proverbs 9:10 - "Living With Wisdom"

on November 5, 2017

A short devotional about living life on the foundation of Wisdom.

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"Kicking Against The Goads" - Acts 25:13-26:32 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 42

on October 29, 2017

God wants to transform your life. Learning to work WITH HIM is key.

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"That's Enough For Now! You May Leave." - Acts 23:12-25:12 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 41

on October 22, 2017

In this sermon, we consider the various ways people can respond to God's Holy Spirit through looking at a scene from Paul's life.

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"Upward, Inward, Outward...TOGETHER" - Mark 12:28-34

on October 15, 2017

​In this service, Pastor Nathan and one of our previous Pastors, Bo Sanders, talk about the vision New Life Fellowship is rooted in.

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"He Heals Our Souls Diseases" - Psalm 103

on October 8, 2017

God can heal the diseases of our soul.​

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"Calling" - Acts 21-23 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 40

on October 1, 2017

​In this sermon Pastor Nathan talks about calling. It's not exactly what you thought it was.

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2017 Missions Conference - Bruce Dyke - Dominican Republic - 1 Peter 2:9-10

on September 25, 2017

​Missionary to the Dominican Republic, Bruce Dyke, shares with us at our missions conference.

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"God Is Looking For You" - Micah 7:1

on September 24, 2017

You thought you were looking for God, but He was looking for you.

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"Vision Moment" - Children, Youth & Family Ministries

on September 18, 2017

In this vision moment, Director of Family Ministries Jen Veitch shares about our Church's passion for children, youth and families and how we tie it all together as a Church Body.

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"A More Blessed Life" - Acts 20:13-38 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 39

on September 17, 2017

In this sermon, Pastor Nathan explores a unique saying of Christ which Paul lives his life by!

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New Life Fellowship 20th Anniversary Celebration

on September 10, 2017

Listen to this entire service to hear form all previous Pastors of New Life Fellowship, a history from the founding in 1996 to the present day, and lots of other goodies. We had an AMAZING day as a Church family, and are very excited about what God will do in the future as we continue on this journey with Him.

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"Ordinary Miracles" - Acts 19:8-41 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 38

on September 3, 2017

In this sermon, Pastor Nathan challenges us to embrace a holistic worldview; that we might have a real expectation of Christ's work among us in both ordinary and extraordinary ways.

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"Stepping Out In Faith" - Luke 5:1-11

on August 27, 2017

​In this sermon, our guest speaker Pastor Jimmy Shaw, founder of "Project Doxa", talks about the adventure of stepping out in faith and following Jesus. This adventure is open to all who would take that first step.

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"What Does A 'Real' Christian Look Like?" - Acts 18:12-19:7 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 37

on August 20, 2017

Every day we see people in the media who claim to be Christians doing things which appear to us to be very "Un-Christlike". In light of this, how are we to decide who is actually following Christ, and who is not. Pastor Nathan unpacks this in today's sermon.

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"Go Next Door" - Acts 18:1-11 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 36

on August 13, 2017

In this sermon, Pastor Nathan talks about what it means to "GO NEXT DOOR" and find the faith that moves mountains.

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"Travel: Following God" - Acts 20 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 35

on August 6, 2017

In this sermon, Brad Rodgers shares about one of the BIG THEMES of the book of Acts. He also provides a 3-minute summary of everything that has happened so far.

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"Following Jesus" - Philippians 3:12-16

on July 30, 2017

In this sermon, Associate Pastor Cory Prothero talks about the adventure of following Jesus.

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"Do You Want To Believe?" - Acts 17 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 34

on July 23, 2017

Are you open to faith God, or are you closed down to Him? Today we look at belief.

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"The Kingdom Motivation" - Acts 16 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 33

on July 16, 2017

​In this sermon, Pastor Nathan talks about what motivates Christians to endure suffering and difficult circumstances.

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Youth Sunday 2017!

on June 25, 2017

​This week, three young people from New Life Fellowship share the sermon! It was awesome! The topic is worship, and is well worth the listen.

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"The Interest of Christ" - Philippians 2:1-4 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 32

on June 18, 2017

In this sermon, Pastor Nathan briefly explores the question: "What is Christ's Primary Interest?"

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"Living With Opposites" - Acts 15:36-41 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 31

on June 11, 2017

In this Sermon, Pastor Nathan talks about a conflict that arose between two prominent apostles in Acts and what we can learn from it. We all must grow to accept and appreciate our differences as individual members of the Body of Christ, because God has brought us together for a great purpose.

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"Living Unburdened" - Acts 15:1-35 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 30

on June 4, 2017

We get bombarded with messages from WITHIN OURSELVES and from OTHERS all of the time about what we SHOULD be doing...but what does God want us to do? In this sermon, Pastor Nathan talks about living unburdened through focusing on God's message for us instead.

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"Living With Real Expectation" - Acts 14 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 29

on May 28, 2017

What if we actually lived lives of REAL and substantial expectation of what God could do? God is good, God is wise, God is still moving and working as He always has. Do you believe this?

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"The End From The Beginning" - John 11:1-44 - Jason Harmon

on May 21, 2017

Is God ever late? Why does God often delay? In this sermon, Jason Harmon discusses the God who knows the end from the beginning.

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May 2017 Vision Moment

on May 20, 2017

Pastor Nathan shares a vision moment each month concerning where God is taking us as a Church. Take a listen to see what's going on!

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"Born After Midnight" - Acts 13 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 28

on May 14, 2017

"Every person is as close to God as they want to be; they are as holy and as full of the Spirit as they will to be."

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"Just A Little Faith" - Acts 12 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 27

on May 12, 2017

God does amazing things through imperfect people with just a little faith. His grace is sufficient for us in our weakness. Therefore, we draw near with confidence, not in ourselves, but in God and his great love and grace.

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"Weeding The Garden of our Soul"

on April 23, 2017

We need to learn to take care of things while they are still small. In this sermon, Greg Chandler teaches us how to weed the garden of our souls.

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Easter Sunday 2017 - John 4:1-30;39

on April 16, 2017

On Easter morning, we talk about something unexpected. Listen and see.

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Palm Sunday 2017 - John 12:12-19

on April 9, 2017

On this day, we celebrate Jesus setting about resolutely on his mission as he moves towards Jerusalem. What was this mission? Listen and see...

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"Flattening the Categories" - Acts 10 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 25

on April 2, 2017

In an unlikely story, we see the truth that God does not show favoritism.

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"What Part Do You Play?" - Acts 9:31-42 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 24

on March 26, 2017

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"The Family" - Acts 9:20-31 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 23

on March 19, 2017

God has brought us together by His wisdom. It's our job to love and accept one another as true family.

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"No One Is Beyond God's Reach" - Acts 9:1-20 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 22

on March 12, 2017

In this Sermon in our Acts series, Brad Rodgers discusses the conversion of Saul in Acts 9:1-20, and how it shows us that no one is beyond God's reach!

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"Hearing From God" - Acts 8:26-40 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 21

on March 5, 2017

​Hearing from God is a birthright for all believers. You may not think you can hear from God, BUT YOU CAN, and you can get better at it! Come explore this concept with us as we look at the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch from Acts 8.

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"Magic or Miracles?" - Acts 8:4-25 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 20

on February 26, 2017

Is there a difference between magic and miracles?

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"The Beauty of Diversity" - Acts 6:8-8:3 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 19

on February 19, 2017

People can be so exclusive, but God has a greater vision.

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"River Access" - Phil. 4:1-7; 1 John 1:9

on February 17, 2017

We have the gift of ACCESS. What is keeping us from living full time in The River?

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"The Opposite of Fear" - Acts 6:1-7 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 18

on February 9, 2017

In this sermon, Pastor Nathan talks about how the early Church became a beautiful multi-ethnic expression when their leaders followed the way of love instead of fear.

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Trusting in God's Faithfulness

on January 31, 2017

"Although we might not see how God is going to work things out... we only see this small moment, God sees everything. We can trust the uncertainty to him."

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"The Friendship & The Fear Pt. 2" - Acts 4:32-5:16 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 16

on January 29, 2017

In this sermon Pastor Nathan discusses all that comes along with a powerful move of God, exploring the story of Ananias and Sapphira.

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"The Friendship & The Fear Pt. 1" - 2 Samuel 6:1-8 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 15

on January 10, 2017

In this sermon, Pastor Nathan talks about the need for holding reverence and friendship in tension in regard to our relationship with God.

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"The Power To Change" - Acts 4:1-31 - The Acts of The Holy Spirit, Part 14

on January 5, 2017

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