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Saturday Evening with Pastor John Soper: Founder of

on October 27, 2018

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Further thoughts on Inquiring of the Lord

on October 14, 2018

Jason Harmon draws from 1 Samuel 23 in this message which explores the many ways that we can inquire of the Lord in all aspects of our daily living.

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Moldova--Ashley Prothero shares about her recent trip

on October 13, 2018

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Inquiring of the Lord, 1 Samuel 21:1-14

on October 7, 2018

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"Worship In The Cave" - 1 Samuel 22; Psalms 142 & 34

on September 30, 2018

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Faith and Grit

on September 23, 2018

Faith comes from the confidence of who God is and that he does what he says. Faith produces grit, a resolute determination that nothing will sway or hinder us from crossing the finish line.

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"Lowly & Listening" - 1 Samuel 1-3

on September 16, 2018

Pastor Nathan shared with us an example from 1 Samuel 1-3 of how to follow God as a child.

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"Remember These Two Things" Mark 12:28-34

on September 9, 2018

What if you could focus on JUST TWO things which turned out to be everything? That’s what this teaching of Jesus is all about.

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Soil Test: Mark 4:1-20

on September 2, 2018

God is always working in our lives planting His word within us. The quality of our soil many times determines what will end up growing and bearing fruit. What kind of soil are you at this time in your life?

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Following in the Dark: Ruth 1-4

on August 26, 2018

In the book of Ruth, God is markedly silent and even seems to be absent, yet is still at work in remarkable ways as Naomi, Ruth and Boaz are faithful. Sometimes we feel that God is silent or absent in our lives. At those times, we are challenged to follow God in the dark. Like a Father God is teaching us to never doubt that He is with us and for us no matter how things look at any given...

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