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God's Not Finished With You Yet!

on July 21, 2019

Pastor Cory reminds us, with a passage from the book of John, that even though we experience failures or shortcomings at times doesn't mean that there isn't more in store for us. God has a plan, and He will use us if we are willing to trust Him.

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Using our possessions for Advancing the Kingdom: Luke 16

on July 14, 2019

Pastor Aaron draws from the parable in Luke 16 to remind us that God calls us to use all that He has given us for the purpose of advancing His Kingdom. When we are obedient in this way we prove our faithfulness TO God and open the door to greater trust FROM God in areas of ministry and responsibility.

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Nehemiah 4 - The Primary Work of God's People

on July 7, 2019

Pastor Nathan draws from Nehemiah 4:9 to remind us of one of our Core Values, that prayer is the primary work of God's people. It is a continual two-step process of prayer followed by action.

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The Book of Haggai - "Priorities"

on June 30, 2019

Pastor Nathan continues the theme of trusting God for all things and keeping our focus on the Lord, making first things first, as He works out His promises to us.

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Matthew 6:25 - Why worry?

on June 23, 2019

Pastor Nathan exhorts us to give up worries and to come to the Father as children, knowing He cares for us and has resources for ALL our needs.

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Daniel: Example of Godly Humility

on June 16, 2019

Pastor Nathan shares with us how good life is for us when we humbly exercise the authority and dominion God has given us without becoming undone by raising ourselves up trying to be equal to God.

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We are Family: 1 Timothy 1

on June 9, 2019

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Titus 3 - Reflecting the love and kindness of Christ in our attitudes

on June 2, 2019

Pastor Nathan uses the third chapter of Paul's letter to Titus to remind us the attitude that we, as believers, are called to have toward others.

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Flexing our Muscles of Faith: Philippians 4

on May 26, 2019

Pastor Nathan reminds us that God sent the Holy Spirit to help us put into practice the things of the Bible and to flex our muscles of faith!

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Heart Transplant: Ezekiel 36:16-29

on May 19, 2019

Pastor Cory reminds us that God's desire is for us to let Him transplant our heart of stone for a heart of flesh that is able to mirror God's own heart.

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