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"Thankfulness"--Phillipians 1:3-6

on November 10, 2019

Pastor Nathan encourages us to practice eukharistia....the discipline of giving thanks for one another, as Paul expressed in Philippians when he wrote "I thank God every time I remember you."

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Galations 5: The Real Thing

on November 8, 2019

Pastor Nathan encourages us to cultivate a real relationship with Jesus Christ, instead of settling for the false security of religiosity.

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Psalm 130: How to Wait on God Well

on October 27, 2019

Pastor Nathan shares with us the "active" way to wait on God, but CRYING out to Him, REMEMBERING who He is, EXPECTING Him to hear and answer, and HOPING in Him ALONE.

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Knowing God Face to Face

on October 20, 2019

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Deuteronomy: How to Live in Humility (Better than Anyone Else)

on October 13, 2019

Remember Who God is. Remember What God Has Done. Obey What God is Telling You to Do. Teach These Things to Others.

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Deuteronomy 8:1-5- The Perfect Pattern to Follow

on October 6, 2019

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Hebrews and the True High Priest

on September 30, 2019

Pastor Jay gives us a powerful reminder of how difficult it was to find a high priest in the days of Hebrews...and how Jesus came as the perfect high priest, opening the way to the Father.

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Elijah and Ahab: The Fight is On!

on September 23, 2019

A delightfully engaging retelling of the story of Elijah and Ahab. Jerome Hebert weaves personal tales with this narrative of the battle at the altars between the Prophets of Baal and a servant of the One True God!

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Psalm 103: Benefits for those who Believe

on September 15, 2019

Pastor Nathans shares with us some of the benefits we have as "Policy Holders" when we are in relationship with Jesus as revealed in Psalm 103.

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Psalm 29 and the Hurricanes of Life

on September 9, 2019

Pastor Cory shares his love of extreme weather along with the words of Psalm 29, the Storm Psalm, and the idea of God being our "Peace in the Midst of the Storm" (Artist Jack Dawson)

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